What is COSMiC?

Welcome to COSMiC (the Centre of Somerset Music Club), an independent charity that has been running for well over 35 years.
"A brilliant way for kids to start in music by playing in ensembles... the watchword of COSMIC is enjoyment, led by a team of passionately committed musicians. My kids have flourished here. Yours will too!"
Charles Hazlewood. Conductor and Broadcaster



The club offers a rich programme of musical experiences, ranging from junior level Training Band and Junior Orchestra through to big band and Chamber Orchestra for the more experienced youth players. We have a music theory group and for adults we have a Choir, Orchestra, Rock Group and a Folk group.


Please feel free to come and experience the unique atmosphere of our groups, as it is the combined talent and enthusiasm of the club’s members that is so wonderful. Our club organiser can be found at an administration desk in Strode College Refectory on Saturday mornings during term time.


Income is through termly fees and concert takings. Our outgoings as a club include tutor fees, accommodation and performance venue hire, the purchasing of music for all ensembles, insurance and workshop provision. We no longer receive grants from any source but through careful management and good will we are extremely efficient and, I hope you agree, tremendous value for money.


A committee consisting of parents and tutors meets just three or four times a year to manage the club. Committee nominations are made at the AGM and we would encourage all parents with an interest in the continued success of the club to get involved with the committee. The friendly, inclusive nature of this organisation is hugely the result of the parents who give their time to help at the coffee bar and with the staging of events. Thank you all.